All studies involving QSi5

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Broad2 genotyping SNP profiling, 131,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X. inbred   (89) 2009
Hadsell1 body weight Daily body weight gain of cross-fostered pups. inbred   (31) f 14-18wks 2012
Hadsell1 colony observation Maternal nurturing study. inbred   (31) f 14-18wks 2012
Hadsell2 mineral quantification concentrations of various minerals in milk inbred   (31) f 14-20wks 2018
UCLA1 genotyping SNP profiling, 132,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X HMDP   (248) both 2018