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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Albers1 lipid profile
with high-fat diet
Cholesterol, HDL, non-HDL, triglycerides, phospholipids. 4h fast, plasma. Baseline vs. high-fat diet (6wks). inbred   (15) both 6-14wks 1999
Albers1 protein activity assessment
with high-fat diet
Phospholipid transfer protein activity. 4h fast. inbred   (15) both 6-14wks 1999
Boon1 body weight
with influenza A (H5N1) virus
Influenza A (H5N1) virus (several doses) vs. baseline. inbred   (23) f 6-9wks 2011
Boon1 health assessment
with influenza A (H5N1) virus
Survival rate, influenza A (H5N1) virus (several doses). Strain H5N1 susceptibility score. inbred   (23) f 6-9wks 2011
Crabbe2 body temperature
with diazepam
Baseline vs. 30 min after diazepam injection (several doses). inbred   (15) both 6-7wks 1998
Crabbe2 drug and metabolite quantification
with diazepam
Diazepam (and metabolite) concentration in brain tissue immediately after diazepam injection and rotarod. inbred   (15) both 6-7wks 1998
Crabbe2 monitoring system
with diazepam
Locomotor activity. Baseline vs. immediately after Diazepam injection (several doses). 15 min test. inbred   (15) both 6-7wks 1998
Crabbe2 rotarod
with diazepam
Latency to fall from 5 rpm rotarod immediately after diazepam injection. inbred   (15) both 6-7wks 1998
Jax2 MHC haplotype tissue typing Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) H2 haplotype. inbred   (56) both 2000
Jax3 colony observation Reproductive performance. inbred   (33) f various 1991
Jax4 colony observation Appearance, coat color inbred   (61) both 2006
Johnson1 ABR test Auditory brainstem response. inbred   (51) both 3-12wks and 15-72wks 2000
Jones1 vestibular stimulus test Vestibular function using evoked potentials. inbred   (16) both 49-63wks 2003
Mitchell1 bottle choice test Sucrose vs. water. inbred   (15) m 5-7wks 2010
Mitchell1 go/no-go task Pre-cue, go cue. no-go cue. Discrimination index. inbred   (15) m 5-7wks 2010
Mitchell1 monitoring system Locomotor activity. inbred   (15) m 5-7wks 2010
Mogil3 nociception assay von Frey nociception test, baseline and after spared nerve injury (SNI) surgery as a hypersensitizer. inbred   (18) both 7-12wks 2012
Richfield1 neurotransmitter quantification Neurotransmitters. Molecular measures. inbred   (15) m 7-9wks 2003
Richfield1 open field test Locomotor activity. 3 day trials. 45 min sessions. inbred   (15) m 7-9wks 2003
Vulpe1 mineral quantification Liver mineral levels. Iron, copper, zinc. Iron homeostasis. inbred   (18) both 8wks 2010
Vulpe1 transferrin quantification Diferric transferrin (plasma). inbred   (18) both 8wks 2010
Zheng1 tympanometry Middle ear function. inbred   (61) both 15-51d 2008