All studies involving 129P1/ReJ

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Benavides1 genotype assessment Gpr84 allele assessment. PCR, sequencing. inbred w/CC8   (58) both 6wks 2013
CGD-MDA1 genotyping SNP profiling, 470,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X,Y,MT. inbred   (142) m 2014
Dietrich1 in vitro assay
with Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin
Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin (anthrax) susceptibility. inbred   (50) f 6-8wks* 1998
Jax2 MHC haplotype tissue typing Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) H2 haplotype. inbred   (56) both 2000
Jax3 colony observation Reproductive performance. inbred   (33) f various 1991
Johnson1 ABR test Auditory brainstem response. inbred   (51) both 3-12wks and 15-72wks 2000
Zheng1 tympanometry Middle ear function. inbred   (61) both 15-51d 2008