Yuan6: PLxKK F2 intercross (2013) [Pending]

Yuan Z, Churchill GA

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Investigators Z Yuan
Gary A Churchill       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
ContactGary A Churchill     gary.churchill@jax.org
Affiliated CenterQTL Archive
Project type QTL Archive data set
MPD identifiersYuan6     MPD:287
Data changelog This project has not yet been released.
A set of ~600 male and female F2 mice were bred from the KK/HlJ and PL/J parental strains. The cross was run in both directions, generating ~300 mice in each direction. These two strains were chosen because they have the same haplotype at the IGF1 locus on Chr 10:87Mb but they have different IGF1 levels.

QTL data set parameters:
Progenitor strains KK/HlJ     PL/J    
Cross typeF2 reciprocal intercross
Population size 298 ♀     290 ♂

For information on measured phenotypes please see the Excel file.

Project / data set:   Yuan6     a.k.a. Yuan_2013
Excel file:   Data_Description_Yuan_2013.xlsx
CSV file:   Yuan_2013.csv
QC plots, figures, etc.:   QCReport_Yuan_2013.pdf