Yuan2 supplemental data

Aging study: Lifespan and survival curves for 31 inbred strains of mice   (2007)

Yuan R, Ackert-Bicknell C, Paigen B, Peters LL
With: Schultz D, Godfrey D


Supplementary Data (Yuan2 summary data supplied in this file)

MPD var_name MPD description Units
normal_death number of mice that died from natural causes n
censored number of mice censored n
mean mean lifespan d
SEM mean lifespan standard error (SEM) d
median median lifespan d
lower_95 lower 95% confidence interval d
upper_95 upper 95% confidence interval d
failure_25 number of days for 25% death d
failure_75 number of days for 75% death d

Download supplementary data: Yuan2_suppdata.xlxs