Taft1 animal documentation

Performance survey following assisted reproductive technologies in females of 10 inbred strains of mice   (2006)

Taft RA, Byers SL
With: Payson SJ

Taft1 Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Vendor Mice were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory JAX® (Bar Harbor, ME)

Superovulated females: 17-27 days old; Recipient females: 9-13 weeks old; Sperm donor males: 8-31 weeks old; Vasectomized males: 13-35 weeks old


Sterilized 6% fat rodent chow (LabDiet®5K52, St, Louis, MO, USA); Embryo recipients: 11% fat rodent chow (LabDiet® 5K52, St, Louis, MO, USA)

Acidified water provided ad libitum
Polycarbonate cages with stainless steel wire lids and positive ventilation filter tops
16-26 mm pine shavings

Superovulated females: 12h on, 12 off (on at 06:00 a.m.); Recipient females and donor males: 10 h on, 14 h off (on at 05:00 a.m.)

21 ± 1.0°C
Health status
The Jackson Laboratory Diagnostics Laboratory routinely monitors and documents animal health status using statistically valid sampling procedures and standard protocols. (Sentinel animals are tested). Detailed health status reports for each animal room represented from this project are on file and available on request. See JAX Mice Quality Control Programs or the JAX Mice Catalog for the list of agents monitored.