Pletcher1 animal documentation

Open field and tail suspension tests in males of 32 inbred strains of mice   (2007)

Pletcher MT
With: Miller BH, Schultz LE, Gulati A, Su AI

See also: Pletcher1 protocol


Acclimation and testing periods

Vendor Male mice from 32 inbred strains were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®, Bar Harbor, ME) at 3–5 wks of age.
Mice were allowed to acclimate for 1 mo prior to behavioral testing.
Feed & water
Food and water were available ad libitum
Mice were housed at a density of 3 per cage
Mice were maintained on a 12:12 light:dark cycle (lights on = 0700 h).
Relative humidity ~45%
21 ± 2°C
Regulatory compliance All animal procedures were approved by the Scripps Florida Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee under protocol 06-019.