Perlegen2: SNP data, 8+ million locations for 16 inbred strains of mice (2005)

Frazer KA, Eskin E, Kang HM, Bogue MA, Hinds DA, Beilharz EJ, Gupta RV, Montgomery J, Morenzoni MM, Nilsen GB, Pethiyagoda CL, Stuve LL, Johnson FM, Daly MJ, Wade CM, Cox DR. A sequence-based variation map of 8.27 million SNPs in inbred mouse strains. Nature. 2007 Aug 30;448(7157):1050-3. Epub 2007 Jul 29.   PubMed 17660834  

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Investigators David Cox       Perlegen Sciences,  Mountain View, CA
Kelly A Frazer       Perlegen Sciences,  Mountain View, CA
ContactDavid Cox     Lab web site
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by NIH NIEHS

DNA provided by Mouse DNA Resource, The Jackson Laboratory
Project type SNP/variation strain survey data set
MPD identifiersPerlegen2     MPD:198
Data changelog 1 update/correction.       Initial release date: 04/2005.
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• SNP profiling, 8,100,000+ genomic locations, 1-19,X,Y,MT.
16 strains tested
• Panel: inbred