Mogil2 project protocol

Locomotor activity in light and dark periods in males of 12 inbred strains of mice   (2000)

Mogil JS

    Male mice of each strain (6-10 weeks) were placed into standard-size mouse shoebox cages covered with clear Plexiglas (instead of a normal wire top, to prevent hanging). Cages were placed inside the photobeam field of a Columbus Instruments Opto-Varimex Micro Animal Activity System for a 4 hour period. Eight mice were tested simultaneously in individual cages with or without a saline injection, counterbalanced among strain as much as possible. The mean horizontal+vertical (rearing) beam breaks in 4 hours are reported for each strain. Mice were tested in light (1200h to 0400h) and dark (2000h to 2400h) periods.