Kumar2 animal documentation

Locomotor activity in 47 inbred strains of mice and 11 F1 hybrids   (2019)

Geuther BQ, Kumar V
With: Deats SP, Fox KJ, Murray SA, Braun RE, White JK, Chesler EJ, Lutz CM

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor Maine USA

Age (wks): 7-26 wks of age at testing

Test Facility: Animal room in the Research Facility of The Jackson Laboratory

Feed: Reported as 'normal chow', provided ad libitum

Water: Provided ad libitum

Cage Density: Group housed

Temperature (°C): Not specified

Humidity (%): Not specified

Light / Dark Cycle: 12:12h

Care and Use Statement: All procedures approved by The Jackson Laboratory IACUC