Hadsell2 animal documentation

Analysis of milk minerals in 31 inbred strains of mice   (2018)

Hadsell DL
With: Hadsell LA, Rijnkels M, Carcamo-Bahena Y, Wei J, Williamson P, Grusak MA

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: The Jackson Laboratory, except QSi5 obtained from Dr. Ian Martin of The University of Sydney

Age (wks): 6-10wks at shipping; 14-20wks at testing

Test Facility: Baylor College of Medicine

Feed: 2020X pelleted diet (Harlan Teklad, Indianapolis, IN), provided ad libitum

Water: Provided ad libitum

Bedding: Not specified

Cage Type, Distributor, Material, Size: Not specified

Cage Density: 1

Cage Enrichment: Single nestlet pad (Ancare, Bellmore, NY)

Temperature (°C): 21

Humidity (%): Not specified

Light / Dark Cycle: 14:10h

Health Status and Monitoring: Not specified

Care and Use Statement: Experiments conducted in accordance with procedures outlined in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guide to Care and Use of Experimental Animals, and they were approved by the Baylor College of Medicine Animal Care and Use Committee.

Additional Notes: Lactating females were studied through the first 9 days of their second lactation.