Gros2 project protocol

Susceptibility to infection with Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi AS (malaria) in 25 inbred strains of mice   (2012)

Gros P
With: Laroque A, Min-Oo G, Tam M, Radovanovic I, Stevenson MM

Gros2 Protocol

Project protocol - Contents

Workflow and sampling

Data collected
Mice infected  
Parasitemia monitored 4-21 days post-infection Microscope
Peak parasitemia
3 Survival monitored till day 21 - Survival

Equipment and supplies

  • Syringes and needles
  • Microscope slides
  • Microscope

Reagents and solutions

  • Pyrogen-free saline
  • Diff-Quick staining kit (Dade Behring, Newark DE)

Procedure: Parasite preparation and infection

    1. Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi AS: a lactate dehydrogenase virus-free isolate originally obtained from Dr. Walliker (University of Edinburgh).
    2. The parasite is maintained by weekly passage in A/J mice by intraperitoneal infection with 106 parasitized red blood cells (pRBCs) suspended in 1 mL of pyrogen-free saline.
    3. Experimental mice are infected with 106 pRBCs intraperitoneally.

Procedure: Monitoring parasitemia and survival

    1. The percentage of pRBCs is determined daily on thin blood smears stained with Diff-Quick on days 4-21 after infection.
    2. Survival is monitored twice daily and moribund animals are euthanized.

Data collected by investigator

  • Peak parasitemia
  • Survival (max=21 days)