GMC22 project protocol

Growth curves for 8 inbred founder strains of the Collaborative Cross   (2020)

German Mouse Clinic and Department of Infection Genetics, HZI
With: Hrabě de Angelis M, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Lengger C, Kollmus H, Schughart K

See also: GMC22 animal documentation

German Mouse Clinic: Phenotyping Pipeline

Body weights: 8-21 wks of age


  • Project protocol - Contents

    Workflow and sampling

    Data collected
    1 Weigh mice weekly Balance

    Body weight

    Equipment and supplies

    • Balance

    Reagents and solutions

    • 80% ethanol

    Procedure: Body weight

      1. Body weight is measured at the time of each test.
      2. These data are collected from the following GMC projects:
      • GMC01: 8-9 wks
      • GMC05: 9-10 wks
      • GMC07: 11-12 wks
      • GMC09: 12-13 wks
      • GMC11: 13-14 wks
      • GMC12: 14-15 wks
      • GMC16: 16-17 wks
      • GMC17: 17-18 wks
      • GMC21: 20-21 wks

    Data collected by investigator

    • Body weights