GMC15 project protocol

Hematological parameters in 8 inbred founder strains of the Collaborative Cross   (2020)

German Mouse Clinic and Department of Infection Genetics, HZI
With: Hrabě de Angelis M, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Rathkolb B, Wolf E, Lengger C, Kollmus H, Schughart K

German Mouse Clinic: Phenotyping Pipeline

Hematology: 20-21 wks of age


  • Project protocol - Contents

    Workflow and sampling

    Data collected
    1 Mice are anesthetized and blood collected - -
    2 Hematology Hematology automated analyzer Hematological parameters

    Equipment and supplies

    • EDTA-coated capillary tubes containing 200 µL CellPack buffer (Sysmex)
    • Rotary mixer
    • Hematology automated analyzer: Sysmex Deutschland GmbH (XT-2000iV)

    Reagents and solutions

    • Isoflurane

    Procedure: Hematology

      1. Mice (non-fasting) are anesthetized via isoflurane inhalation.
      2. Blood is collected in the morning by retro-orbital puncture where 50 µL of whole blood is collected in an EDTA-coated 50 µL end-to-end capillary, diluted 1:5 with CellPack buffer, carefully mixed and placed on a rotary mixer for a minimun of 30 min.
      3. Samples are kept at room temperature until analyzed.
      4. Analysis is performed on the day of sample collection within 6h after sample collection. Samples with clots are not run.

    Data collected by investigator

    • White blood cell count
    • Red blood cell count
    • RBC parameters
    • Hematocrit
    • Hemoglobin
    • Platelet count
    • Platelet parameters