Project measure / variable:   Jax5   dam_age_at_litter

ID, description, units MPD:31484   dam_age_at_litter   age of dam at birth of litter   [wks]  
Data set, strains Jax5   inbred   35 strains     sex: f     age: varies
Procedure colony observation
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Jax5 - age of dam at birth of litter

Measure Summary Female
Number of strains tested35 strains
Mean of the strain means18.7   wks
Median of the strain means18.9   wks
SD of the strain means± 1.52
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.0814
Min–max range of strain means15.7   –   22.1   wks
Mean sample size per strain185.7   mice

ANOVA summary      
FactorDFSum of squaresMean sum of squaresF valuep value (Pr>F)
strain 34 13351.7496 392.6985 8.157 < 0.0001
Residuals 6416 308882.8857 48.1426

Q-Q normality assessment based on residuals