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6 genes found.
Gene symbol Chromo-
Coordinates (bp, mm10) Size (bp) Strand Feature Type Gene name
4732460I02Rik X 57376888 to 57381353 4465 unclassified gene RIKEN cDNA 4732460I02 gene
Rbmx X 57383530 to 57393036 9506 - protein coding gene RNA binding motif protein, X chromosome
Snord61 X 57391448 to 57391509 61 - snoRNA gene small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 61
Cpgi22733 X 57392506 to 57392961 455 CpG island CpG island 22733
Tssr163454 X 57392971 to 57392988 17 - TSS region transcription start site region 163454
Tssr163455 X 57393029 to 57393040 11 - TSS region transcription start site region 163455