Multi-measure study designs

Some MPD projects include sets of measures that are usually viewed and/or analyzed together as a unit. These sets are closely associated with study design. Click on the "study design code" to list all measure sets in MPD having that general study design.

Study design codeDescriptionNo.
agingl timecourse, same cohort (aging study) 1
timecourse timecourse, same cohort 1
series repeated measures, same cohort 1
trials repeated measures (trials), same cohort 1
basetrt repeated measures, same cohort (baseline then treated) 1
basedoses repeated measures, same cohort (baseline then treated, multiple dosages) 1
leftright paired organ left vs. right 1
rawadj raw measure and adjusted 1
agingx aging-study, multiple cohorts multiple
ctrltrt control group vs. treated group multiple
ctrldoses control group as well as two or more dosage groups multiple
dosecoh multiple dosage cohorts but no control group multiple
timecoh timecourse but different cohorts multiple
twoages two cohorts measured at two age timepoints multiple
replic replication often for control purposes multple