Merck1: SNP data, 11,900+ locations for 43 inbred strains of mice (2006)

Cervino AC, Li G, Edwards S, Zhu J, Laurie C, Tokiwa G, Lum PY, Wang S, Castellini LW, Lusis AJ, Carlson S, Sachs AB, Schadt EE. Integrating QTL and high-density SNP analyses in mice to identify Insig2 as a susceptibility gene for plasma cholesterol levels. Genomics. 2005 Nov;86(5):505-17. Epub 2005 Aug 29.   PubMed 16126366  

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Participants Eric E Schadt       Rosetta Inpharmatics / Merck & Company, Inc. Seattle, WA
ContactEric E Schadt
AcknowledgementsWe thank Iris Hovatta (MRL, San Diego) and Jennifer Greenhall (UCSD) for providing the SAM DNAs, Daniel Pomp (UNC) for providing the M16 and ICR DNAs, and Richard Davis and Jake Lusis’ lab (UCLA) for providing DNAs for a number of strains. We also thank the Rosetta Gene Expression Laboratory for the microarray work.
Project type Experiment archive
MPD identifiersMerck1     MPD:204
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 10/2007.
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This data set is no longer present in MPD's online SNP query facility, but remains available as a download. Has mm9 coordinates and older annotation.

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