Intervention:   sodium chloride          

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Data set MPD ID Procedure / Protocol Drug or Challenge Phenotype Measure Panel No. of Strains Sex Age Sample Size (Avg) Year
    Gavras1 14401 tail cuff sodium chloride systolic blood pressure   [mmHg]     control    NaCl inbred 9 both 9-12wks N=6 2003
    Gavras1 14403 tail cuff sodium chloride pulse rate   [n/min]     control    NaCl inbred 8 both 9-12wks N=7 2003
Sugiyama2 11901 tail cuff sodium chloride  1%soln 2wks systolic blood pressure   [mmHg]  BP_salt QTL population m 10wks N=250 2001
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Sugiyama2 study archive
with sodium chloride
Blood pressure (tail cuff) after sodium chloride intake. None BP, NaCl QTL population m 2001