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Select a tool             4 phenotype measurements are selected

Table of strain means       Sort the table up or down on any column. Low-end and high-end outliers can be color-coded. CSV download available too.
Plot strain means as well as individual animals  
wth various display and sorting options. One display panel per measurement.
Scatterplots     to compare two or more measurements. Plot strain means or individual animals.
View strain means in other ways, such as overlaid data points, or strain curves/profiles, or distribution of strain means, or overlaid curves.

Correlations       View a correlations matrix of the selected measurements, or find all phenotype measurements or gene expression probesets in MPD that are correlated to the selected measurements.
Criteria fit   finds strains that meet specific low-end and high-end criteria based on available data in MPD.
Outliers and sex differences   List strain outliers for your selected measurements or investigate sex differences.
Pairwise comparisons, ratios, differences  
View a p value significance matrix or compute a ratio or difference vector and see its correlations.
GWAS analysis   on UCLA's EMMA server. Strives to associate phenotypes with genomic regions.
  For additional ideas and tools see MPD's Approaches page.

Downloads     You can download your selected measurements as a table of strain means, or as a list of strain means with summary statistics such as N and SD. or as individual animal readings. All downloads are CSV.
View sample sizes   for the selected measurements, by strain.        
  Various views useful in data review
List data points with high amounts of variance, and list animals that are outliers.

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