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Download all MPD measurements for SJL/J

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This file contains all public numeric MPD phenotype measurements that involve SJL/J.
It can be opened in Excel and sorted on columns as desired. Explanation of columns:
projsymMPD project symbol
measnumMPD measurement id number
varnamemeasurement short name (variable name)
descripmeasurement description
unitsmeasurement units
interventionintervention applied if any
intparmadditional info on any intervention
cat1, 2, 3MPD categorization
methodmethod or apparatus (behavior data only)
nstrainstestednumber of strains tested for this measurement
ageanimal age at test
strainmouse strain name
sexf or m
meanthe mean observed value for this strain and sex
sdthe standard deviation
nmicethe number of mice tested for which data available
semthe standard error
minvalthe lowest observed value
maxvalthe highest observed value
zscorethe Z-score of the mean relative to the other strains tested by investigator

Categorical data

In addition to the above numeric data, SJL/J has the following categorical data in MPD:

ProjectVarnameDescriptionSexValueN mice
Jax2h2_haplotype major histocompatibility complex (MHC) H2 haplotypefs
Jax2h2_haplotype major histocompatibility complex (MHC) H2 haplotypems
Jax4appearance mouse appearance descriptionfalbino
Jax4appearance mouse appearance descriptionmalbino

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