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Phenotyping methodologies

Click below to arrive at available MPD data and linkouts to explanatory resources.
The rightmost column below indicates data types available in MPD.


avoidance test pheno
balance beam pheno
Barnes circular maze pheno
behavior observation pheno, QTL
choice serial reaction time task pheno
conditioned place preference test pheno
defensive burying task QTL
dowel balance test pheno
elevated plus maze pheno
elevated zero maze pheno
fear conditioning test pheno
forced swim test pheno, QTL
go/no-go task pheno
grid test pheno
hole board test pheno
home cage monitoring pheno
inclined screen test pheno
light-dark box pheno
monitoring system pheno, QTL
Morris water maze pheno
observational fear learning test pheno
observation (SHIRPA) pheno
olfactory discrimination task pheno
open field test pheno, QTL
operant conditioning chamber pheno
parallel rod floor test pheno
puzzle box pheno
rotarod pheno, QTL
tail suspension test pheno
three chamber assay pheno
vertical wire mesh pheno
visual cliff pheno
visual water box pheno

Physiology and other

ABR test pheno
acoustic startle test pheno
assisted reproduction pheno
biomechanical test pheno, QTL
body size and weight pheno, QTL
body temperature pheno, QTL
body weight pheno, QTL
bone dimensions pheno
bottle choice test pheno
calorimetry pheno
centrifugation QTL
chromatography, mass spectrometry pheno
coagulation test pheno
colony-forming units pheno, QTL
colony observation pheno, QTL
colorimetric assay QTL
complete blood count pheno, QTL
computed tomography pheno, QTL
condenser chamber pheno
cytospin centrifuge pheno
DXA pheno, QTL
ECG pheno
echocardiography pheno
electroconvulsion test pheno
electrophoresis pheno
electroretinography pheno
ELISA pheno, QTL
fat pad weights pheno, QTL
flame photometry pheno
flow cytometry pheno, QTL
gait analysis pheno
gas chromatography pheno
glucose tolerance pheno
grip strength pheno
health assessment pheno, QTL
hemocytometer pheno
histopathology pheno, QTL
HPLC pheno
immunohistochemistry pheno
insulin tolerance pheno
intake monitoring pheno, QTL
in vitro assay pheno
lipid profile pheno, QTL
mass spectrometry pheno
metabolic panel pheno, QTL
microscopy pheno, QTL
monitoring system pheno, QTL
MRI pheno, QTL
muscle weights pheno
NMR pheno
nociception assay pheno, QTL
observation (SHIRPA) pheno
open column manometer pheno, qtl
ophthalmoscopy pheno
organ dimensions pheno, QTL
organ weights pheno, QTL
PCR pheno
pH paper or meter QTL
plethysmography pheno
proteomics pheno
radioimmunoassay pheno, QTL
radiolabeling pheno, QTL
reverse ELISA pheno
RT-PCR pheno
running wheel monitoring pheno
slit lamp pheno, QTL
spectrophotometry pheno
swim arena pheno
tail cuff pheno, QTL
tissue typing pheno
treadmill pheno
tympanometry pheno
urinalysis pheno, QTL
ventilator pheno, QTL
vestibular stimulus test pheno
virtual optometer pheno
Western blot pheno, QTL
X-ray pheno

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