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Intervention studies

MPD includes a number of studies where a foreign substance or pathogen was administered, or an environmental perturbation was introduced and compared against a control cohort or baseline readings.
  high-fat diet    
  high-fat diet and ethanol   liver study  
  restricted diet   reduced food amount  
  salt (NaCl)   table salt NaCl  
  sucrose   table sugar  
drugs and alcohol
  acetaminophen   pain reliever e.g. Tylenol  
  atenolol   treatment for cardiovascular disorders  
  captopril   antihypertensive agent, hyperglycemia study   (archive)
  cocaine   psychostimulant  
  cyclophosphamide   alkylating agent, lupus erythematosus study   (archive)
  DB289   antiparasitic  
  diazepam   anxiety reliever e.g. Valium  
  docetaxel   anti-mitotic chemotherapy medication, cancer study   (archive)
  ethanol   alcohol EtOH  
  fluoxetine   antidepressant e.g. Prozac  
  glatiramer acetate   immunosuppressive agent, inflammatory bowel disease study   (archive)
  haloperidol   antipsychotic  
  high-fat diet and ethanol   liver study  
  imipramine   antidepressant  
  isoniazid   treatment for tuberculosis  
  isoproterenol   treatment for cardiovascular disorders  
  L-DOPA   dopamine agent, Parkinson's Disease study   (archive)
  lamotrigine   anticonvulsant  
  lithium   mood stabilizer  
  metformin   hypoglycemic agent, diabetes study   (archive)
  methacholine   bronchoconstrictor, respiratory tests  
  methamphetamine   psychostimulant  
  nicotine   component of tobacco smoke  
  paclitaxel   anti-mitotic chemotherapy medication, cancer study   (archive)
  pilocarpine   convulsant  
  quinelorane   dopamine agonist  
  R-6-Br-APB   dopamine agonist  
  rosiglitazone   hypoglycemic agent, diabetes and obesity studies   (archive)
  salbutamol   bronchodilator agent, asthma studies   (archive)
  exercise   option/availability of running wheel  
pathogens / parasites
  Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin   anthrax  
  Candida albicans   fungal infection  
  influenza A (H1N1) virus   viral infection  
  influenza A (H5N1) virus   viral infection  
  P.gingivalis and F.nucleatum   periodontal pathogenic bacteria: Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum  
  Plasmodium berghei   malaria  
  Plasmodium chabaudi   malaria  
  Staphylococcus aureus   bacterial infection  
  Streptococcus zooepidemicus   respiratory challenge study   (archive)
toxicity / challenges / mutagens
  acetaminophen   pain reliever e.g. Tylenol  
  cadmium   toxicity  
  ENU   ethylnitrosourea, mutagen  
  lipopolysaccharide (LPS)   endotoxin, respiratory challenge  
  methacholine   bronchoconstrictor, respiratory tests  
  ovalbumin   allergen, repiratory challenge  
  OxPAPC   TLR signalling inhibitor  
  ozone   air pollutant, respiratory challenge   (archive)
  radiation   ionizing radiation  
  sleep deprivation   sleep deprivation  
  trichloroethylene   (TCE) industrial contaminant  

Some terms appear more than once.

Entries denoted as (archive) refer to archive projects that do not have individually accessioned measurements.

The following are not included above:
    • glucose and insulin tolerance tests
    • ingestive preference tests
    • nociception tests where substance / perturbation is a pain inducer


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