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Date and type of updateDescription
09 Dec '14UpdateWeb
Revisions and updates to entire MPD web application along with changeover to a new underlying database system. Phenotype tools and strain detail pages have notably been revised.
01 Oct '14NewPhenotype data
Chen Y, Serreze DV - Invariant natural killer T-cells in peripheral blood, spleen, and thymus of 38 inbred strains of mice
11 Jul '14NewExpression data
Benoist C - Gene expression in splenic CD4 T cells of males of 40 inbred strains of mice
11 Jul '14NewExpression data
Benoist C - Gene expression in bone marrow granulocytes of males of 40 inbred strains of mice
17 Jun '14NewSNP data
Bubier JA, Chesler EJ, Belknap JK, Crabbe JC, Jay JJ - SNP data, Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array for seizure-prone (IWSP-2) and seizure-resistant (IWSR-1) inbred strains
17 Jun '14NewPhenotype data
Ghazalpour A, Bennett BJ, Orozco L, Lusis AJ Liver metabolite levels of 104 strains of the Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel (HMDP) (2014)   Series:
• Amino acids ... HMDPpheno6
• Carbs, cofactors, vitamins, energy, xenobiotics ... HMDPpheno7
• Lipids (non-lysolipids) ... HMDPpheno8
• Lipids (lysolipids) ... HMDPpheno9
• Nucleotides, peptides ... HMDPpheno10
17 Jun '14NewPhenotype data
Rusyn I - Trichloroethylene metabolism and tissue-specific toxicity in males of 7 inbred strains of mice
02 Jun '14NewPhenotype data
Harrill A - Drug study: Clinico-pathological survey of the liver and adverse reactions in response to isoniazid treatment in females of 34 inbred strains of mice
02 Jun '14NewPhenotype data
Hillebrands J, Korstanje R - Aging study: Lymphocytic infiltration in kidneys of 23 inbred strains of mice, age 20 months
02 Jun '14NewPhenotype data
Loos M, Maroteaux G, Smit A, Verhage M - High-throughput phenotyping of avoidance learning in males of 8 inbred strains of mice
06 May '14NewPhenotype data
Korstanje R - Aging study: Glomerular mesangial matrix expansion in 29 inbred strains of mice
06 May '14NewPhenotype data
Sandell LJ - Ear wound healing and articular cartilage regeneration in 6 inbred and 9 LGXSM recombinant inbred strains of mice
06 May '14NewSNP data
Cheverud JM - SNP data for 16 LGXSM RI strains of mice
30 Apr '14NewSNP data Center for Genome Dynamics – Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array data (470,000+ locations) for BXD, ILSXISS, AXB, BXA, BXH, CXB, AKXL, and consomic panels B6.A and B6.PWD.
18 Apr '14NewPhenotype data
Yuan R, Ackert-Bicknell C, Paigen B, Peters LL - Aging study: Lifespan and survival curves for 31 inbred strains of mice
Yuan2 now includes individual animal data; previously it had been plots and strain means only.
09 Apr '14NewPhenotype data
Schughart K, Williams RW - Susceptibility to influenza A (H1N1) viral infection in females of 53 BXD recombinant inbred strains of mice
25 Feb '14NewSNP data
Vandenbergh DJ - SNP data for B6.C3-Avy/J mice that are polymorphic at the Agouti locus (Avy/a vs. a/a)
03 Feb '14NewPhenotype data
Jentsch J - Drug study: Cocaine self-administration behavior and capacities for inhibitory control in 4 BXD recombinant inbred strains of mice


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