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Contributing data

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    Feel free to contact us beforehand with questions or for help.

What types of data can be contributed?
    Data that serve to characterize and compare mouse strains. MPD accepts phenotype strain survey data, SNP / genotype variation data, and gene expression strain survey data.

What mouse strains?
    MPD collects data for classical inbred strains, other fixed-genotype strains, and derived lines and populations that are openly acquirable or derivable for research (strain panel examples). Strains can be from JAX-Mice or from any other vendor that's a recognized breeding source. Investigators looking to test a diverse set of classical inbred strains should consider our MPD priority strain set. We currently don't subsidize or assist with mouse procurement for projects.

What types of phenotype data are considered?
    All areas of anatomy, physiology, and behavior. Baseline strain surveys, or study designs such as treatment-control, cross-sectional, or longitudinal.

Any specific requirements that need to be met?

What needs to be submitted?
    For phenotyping projects, a spreadsheet of phenotype data organized similarly to either of these examples: A or B. We'll also need descriptions of the measured traits, and introductory content... participating investigators, a project title, publication references. Any questions just contact us at – or perhaps just send what you have and we'll follow up.

What about genotype or gene expression data?
    Contact us first at ... often we download these from public resources and go from there.

Must the data be part of a published paper?
    Not a prerequisite, but encouraged. MPD release can be delayed pending publication (let us know in advance if this is your plan).

How are data sets reviewed and released?
    Phenotyping projects are evaluated with respect to the phenotype project recommendations. Upon acceptance, we'll load your data into a password-protected area and let you know how to log in and preview it. You're free to send suggestions and feedback, and we'll work with you to polish your project. Finally, when you give us your OK, your data will be scheduled for public release.


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