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Analysis approaches


    • Tools and views   Web-based tools for plotting, correlations, criteria-fit and finding outliers and exceptional cases.

    • Ontologies   MPD phenotype strain survey data have been mapped to MP, VT, and MA ontology terms. Find phenotype data by ontology term, or navigate the ontologies and term-specific linkouts to other resources.

    • Your collection   While browsing MPD collect phenotype measurements into your shopping cart. Then go to your cart (at top of page) to work with them.

    • Input your strain means and see how they correlate with phenotype and gene expression data in MPD.

    • GWAS study   Genome-wide association studies of selected MPD phenotypes were run by the ZarLab at UCLA using EMMA.

    • Sex differences   Which measured traits have the most amount of difference between females and males? Which have the least?

    • Sampling variation over time   Several studies measured seasonal variation of C57BL/6J mice in various phenotypes.


Gene expression strain surveys

Look up data for one or two strains

    • MPD data by strain or strain panel   Find phenotype, SNP/variation, or gene expression data for a certain strain, or list phenotypes and probesets where a certain strain is a high-end or low-end outlier.

    • Compare two strains   For two strains of interest see how they compare in phenotypes, polymorphisms, and expression.

Data downloads

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