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About the Mouse Phenome Database
This resource is a collaborative standardized collection of measured data on laboratory mouse strains. Includes baseline phenotype data sets as well as studies of drug, diet, disease and aging effect. Also includes protocols, projects and publications, and SNP, variation and gene expression studies.  

    To characterize mouse strains and populations in order to facilitate translational discoveries and to assist in selection of strains for experimental studies.


Data sets
    Data sets are voluntarily contributed by researchers from a variety of institutions and settings, or in some cases retrieved by us from open public sources. MPD has three major types of strain-centric data sets: phenotype, SNP and genotype variation, and gene expression (these data sets allow comparisons between mouse strains and are sometimes referred to as "strain surveys"). In addition MPD has begun to carry data sets characterizing certain heterogeneous populations derived from inbred strains. Females and males are always analysed separately (except with genotype). Intervention vs. control, dosage and age-related comparisons are possible in some data sets.

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